Thursday, June 3, 2010

behind the boutique: blogs

So, with the surge of personal blogs, nightlife blogs, fashion blogs, here emerges the inevitable company and store blogs. My favorites to keep an eye out for are clothing boutique blogs. Famous fashion store blogs include OAK (in New York), NASTY GAL, Spanish Moss Vintage. A few in Austin have caught my eye.

It's just very interesting to me to see the work that goes behind the fashion that we see and sort of get to "personally" know the mind behind the retail. Usually, especially for the eclectic shops and trendy stops, these people are people that you should want to know -- the hardworking business people catering to us all so that we can look handsome head-to-toe.

* I think that Buy Definition tends to be a more hidden Austin gem. First an online designer boutique, BD has expanded to include a stone and mortar location on S. Congress & Havana by Strut. This new-ish store is up to a lot, including SXSW parties, designer collaborations, photo editorial escapades, and you can get an inside look on these exciting ventures through the store's blog. So, even though you can't quite afford designer clothing (which, BD is actually quite affordable compared to, say, Barneys), you can at least intake all the eye candy through their blog.

* This T-shirt company is more like an art collaborative of street artists, screen printers, skaters, bikers, and art aficionados. I have a few of FAILURE's tees, but there are so many more I'd love to get my hands on. On this blog, the minds behind Mad Gods share their ideologies, lifestyle, inspirations, etc. It answers the question of what goes behind the T-shirt design, what it means, who you are when you wear it. Mad Gods really speaks volumes.

* You all should know by now that I am an employee of Prototype. Once a loyal fan, now I am a part of the team. Competing among the dozens of vintage stores in our fair city, Prototype is really exemplary because of its sweet owners, reasonable prices and amazing stock. I promise I would say all this regardless of my employment status. These ladies are revamping the company, which includes the storefront and the website. The blog will be regularly updated starting soon, with items in store, Proto editorial shoots, inspirations, etc. Keep your eyes peeled.

PS -- I have actually been asked to blog for these three stores recently! So exciting, especially because I am very into each company.

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