Sunday, September 27, 2009

A letter to all of you

Hello Readers,

Let me just take the time out to address all of you out there reading this. First of all, thank you for doing so. It always surprises me that people take interest in what I have to say or trust my opinion on what's good. It means a lot to me every time somebody approaches me in public and says something nice or people want me to post about their band because they think this little blog has any sway.

I also wanted to notify all of you about the changes I have made to the blog. First few changes of many to come. First, I have an official e-mail address for all things Austin is Burning blog related now. It is located in the right panel and is Who doesn't love G-mail? Second, I have taken the suggestion of one great reader, who entered my KVRX ticket giveaway, about making an events listing -- something that everybody can refer to quickly about what is going on on the calender, without having to scroll through every blog I have written. It is also located to the right under my Human Calendar. You'll probably notice some small aesthetic changes constantly happening -- there are more to come. I am so finicky about style, plus I want to make this a blog you are not embarrassed to be looking at in class or at work.

Also, I wanted to tell you guys about stuff I have coming up, little things and big things. First of all, hopefully you noticed my little "sponsorship" on the Art Disaster or Learning Secrets Unofficial After Party fliers. Those are going to be amazing events - be sure to go to those at the Beauty Bar this Thursday and Friday (&RSVP). Second, I have a little something of my own in the making hopefully. I want to extend a formal invitation to all of my readers, friends and family. I am excited about this one and can't wait to confirm some information so I can unload all of it on you guys. Keep posted.

Again, thank you to everybody reading this now.
Much love,

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Austin Eavesdropper said...

Can't wait to hear about your own thing-in-the-making, girl!! :D Rock on Austin Is Burning, you do such a great job with this Tiffany. I wish my blog were half as well-organized and clear-looking. Love your new show calendar feature!