Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Two shows tonight:

I forgot how amazing Showlist Austin is, but was quickly reminded today as I decided to do some research on everything that is going on this coming week -- it's going to be a hectic one. First of all, you should visit their page yourself, but here are some of my own highlights.

by Miles Jones

Yellow Fever will be kicking off their tour with a show at The Parlor off North Loop. The sound at this venue may be a little janky, but nothing beats the pizza parlor atmosphere and the small venue vibe.

Also, Journey is playing at the Frank Erwin Center... I always seem to hear about these big name, old bands coming in way, way late. Not that I would ever have the funds to go see one of them (tickets are $39 - $79 dollars depending on seating), but it would still be helpful if I could post these things in a timely manner rather than hours before. Anyway, this music video reminded me of the glory that is / was Journey recently.

Stay tuned, I am coming back to tell you guys about the bowling alley party tomorrow night (and a million shows).


Aaron Robert Hall said...

That video was so awesome! I wonder if Journey still rocks that look and sway? If so, I think it would be worth the cash to get in. At least to experience that one time in your life. Still rockin' my 80's fist in the air after that vid.

Tiffany Diane said...

Haha, I hope that is true about the fist pumping (sorry, that is a gross term - guttermind here - but I couldn't come up with a better term).

Aaron Robert Hall said...

Yes there was definitely some double fist pumping going on and an actual sweet air kick when I got to the bottom of my stairs. My roommate just shook his head as I started my 7 min air guitar solo.

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