Sunday, May 3, 2009

I've never met a hotdog I didn't like

Just because Victoria told me to.

Spare me the sexual innuendos and the pig hoof comments. I really like chili-cheese dogs and it will remain that way.

Happy Birthday Matt & Brandon!
@ Tiniest Bar in Texas, I discovered they sell the most amazing hot dogs for just $3. They have sausages, too. You can put anything on them, as well, and the price remains the same. I'm pretty sure that is almost all I spent my money on last night -- a chili-cheese dog with ketchup. Totally worth it. Sorry vegetarians, I'm a total meatatarian (if you couldn't already tell by my cheeseburger obsession).

@ Back Alley Social, what happened to that place? Hmmm... I may give it another shot, though I don't usually believe in second chances.

What a mess of a weekend. That's all.


trevoray said...

1. Have you been to Ginny's Longhorn Saloon on Sundays? FREE chili hot dogs and chickenshit bingo! It's the best.

2. Re: Back Alley Social. Confused. Did the "what happened to that place?" comment refer to:

a. It used to be Whiskey Bar but now it's Back Alley Social?

b. Back Alley Social started out slow, but now it's bumping. Like WOW, what happened to that place?!

c. Back Alley Social used to be cool, but now it's lame, like what the hell happened to that place, it went downhill!

Tiffany Diane said...

I suppose I meant for it to be a little vague, I don't like to be too openly critical. It's more option A than anything, but in the sense that it's lost the Whisky Bar feel and adopted something a lot less attractive to me (and others).

Simian Gibbons said...

"messy" is right