Friday, December 26, 2008

MEGAPOST: Tri-City Update

Something to do tonight, Austin.

I am definitely going to be back home by New Year's Eve, but I feel like everybody is still gone. Who'll be in Austin for New Year's? Please, give me a show of hands.

Denton and Dallas are a lot more happening tonight it seems:

This one is at Hailey's in Denton. Good club, good DJs. Vega will be there, what more need I say?

At Zubar (Lower Greenville)in Dallas.

Finally the time for this party has arrived. I'm excited -- I assure you I will be there tonight, dressed festively.


Maybe it costs $3, but Glasnost is DJ Richard.Gear approved. Go to their Myspace and preview it for yourself.
Glasnost - Static
Looks like Go Go Garcia is also DJing that night. Alternative flier?

In Dallas, this sounds like it'd be pretty legit. I really like Keith P's sound. Here's a little featurette I wrote about him after seeing him spin before Kill The Noise over the summer: !!!

Alright. Try to decipher this messy, messy post and tell me what you're doing. Enjoy yourself, after all the holidays are over and you should be stress free 'til after New Years. At least, that's my policy.


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