Saturday, May 31, 2008

Keith P, DJ

KILLTHENOISE and Treasure Fingers were both really great, but I had never heard Keith P. before and thought he was really bad ass. He played some really good songs and remixes (IE: Bad and Rumps) The show had waaaay too little of an outcome considering how good the DJs were; Dallas needs to wake up and get out. I don't regret missing Benny Benassi for this, but I don't have $25. I already spent all my money last night as it is.

POINT BEING is check out Keith P, he's a killer DJ with a sweet sound. He has some mixes on his myspace page and should be playing more shows in Dallas soon. I can't go b/c I'll be in Taiwan, but you should goooo

EDIT: Photos from this night are now up at

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