Saturday, July 16, 2011

Party in a music video tonight?

Just got this e-mail in my inbox. Pretty party kids, party on video tonight. Not sure how many they have signed up yet, but if you so desire - email them.

Hello there,

Motel Aviv is shooting a music video this Saturday July 16th! If you're interested in being apart of this crazy night, please respond to this invite immediately with your name, contact number, and a confirmation to:
We need to make sure we have everybody confirmed for the shoot.
We will be shooting a house party scene at:
2000 Fair Oaks Dr.
Austin, TX 78745

Please come dressed in your "first choice" outfit and bring with you a "2nd outfit" for safety. We would like everyone to dress fashionably. Definitely want you to be comfortable but also stylish. It's a night out on the town (and who knows maybe we're in New York). It doesn't need to be fancy just not too casual. Please stay away from super busy patterns and any kind of big logos.

There will be beer and some food on set. We want everyone to enjoy themselves and to be comfortable.

Call time will be 8:30p. Please be on time.

If you have a friend you think would be cool for the video feel free to bring them along. We'd like to have them!
However, we don't need 100 people for this shoot. More like 40. That's why it's important that you please respond to let us know that you can make it out.

We're very excited about this Saturday Night and hope to be sharing it with you!

Motel Aviv

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