Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Post-Crystal Castles ---> Art Versus Industry

After the awaited Crystal Castles show at Stubb's will be local band Art Versus Industry. Tickets for CC are still being sold on the Stubb's website. The band has been getting some recent buzz around town via Austinist and Austin Eavesdropper.

Frontman Avi Ghosh (did he get the name of his band from his first name, or his first name from the name of the band?) contacted me awhile back about this event, and I gave his music a listen. It really took me back. The band has been compared to Nine Inch Nails a bit, and rightfully so (I don't mean this in a tacky cover/tribute band way, but in the sincerest way possible). Their smooth & industrial sound likens them to Reznor's styling with the same dark undertones in the subject of their songs.

Their latest single, Devour, from the new AVI EP, has really got me going.

If you're going to the CC show, stick around for AVI. If not, it's a measly $8 for something worthwhile to do on a Wednesday night.

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