Thursday, July 29, 2010

+ uninspired, burger city part deux

Vogue Russia

Hey readers, I have obviously been uninspired for quite some time. I also have been quite absent from the nightlife scene - hence my ode to Vulcan Video post, which still holds very true. (I got that 11th free rental!)

However, one thing I will go to / get inspired to go to often (but sometimes cannot muster up energy) is Burger City Rock n Roll! I recently conducted an interview with its founder, Ben Tipton, for Launch 787:

The Grand is so far-removed from downtown. What made you choose The Grand as your location?

Tipton: I used to go up to The Grand a lot because it was so close to work and in the neighborhood. KC from Liberty used to run things around there, and I guess one night we had a brief conversation about playing records up there, and like six months later, he asked me to do it. By the way, I liked the jukebox a lot better when KC was there. Anyhow, I’m off work Mondays, so I figured ‘why not do it Mondays?’

I don’t care for downtown either. It’s nice not to have to leave your neighborhood and have a place where all your friends can come party and listen to the kind of music they want to listen to and host their bands and have their own spot. To me, it’s like a big party every week with my family.

How did free pool for service industry folks come about?

Tipton: They already were doing the service industry night there with free pool, and it just seemed to work. Most all my friends are service industry, anyway.

How do you choose the bands and DJs you have play the event? Is there a single, unifying sound or style?

Tipton: As far as choosing bands, I listen to who other people want to see. I want people I want to see. I like rock n roll. We play a lot of power pop, KBD (Killed By Death Records) stuff, NWOBHM (New Wave of British Heavy Metal), glam, bubble gum and boogie! I like playing records with people who can show me some great new shit to me I haven’t heard before.

What do you have in mind for the future of Burger City?

Tipton: I don’t know where it’s all going, but it’s been a lot of fun so far. I will ride it till the wheels fall off!

Is there a band or DJ you would kill to book?

Tipton: If I could get anybody to play it would be Dwight Twilley or Paul Collins.

What is the best part of Burger City?

Tipton: The best part about Burger City is all the rock n rollers who come out every Monday and make it what it is. SEE YOU IN BURGER CITY!

Next week’s edition (Aug 2) features Ben DJing, along with Sara O, with special guests The Spooks, a garage band from Philadelphia.

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