Saturday, May 8, 2010

Hey, ya'll - updates

Sorry for the lack of update yesterday.

Guess what? I'm graduating college in a week. Thus, big things are coming.
But for now, just a day at a time.

Keeping the calendar updated, so just look over to the right side.
We got My Cousin Roy in town tonight for an old fashioned Learning Secrets party at Beauty Bar. $3 with RSVP, which is hopefully still open. Then we've got Love at 20 playing at Emo's. Both should be worthwhile musical events.

PS-- I'm glad I got such nice reception for my "Single Ladies" blog! That's just me writing my opinions, too, I suppose I should put more up like that. How do ya'll feel about that? Obviously, I'm not a life-genius, but I like to think that I am a firm believer in proper social conduct. :)

More soon...
Much love, TD


Megalithic Rick said...

Awesome and congrats on graduating ^^ So where to next, and what city will be burning bright in your future?

Tiffany Diane said...

Thanks so much!
Well, for now, I'm remaining in Austin. I've got a year lease ahead of me... but perhaps I'll be sailing on soon after. We'll see. I've only been in Austin about 3 years, so I wasn't looking to run away so fast, but I can imagine I may get more stir-crazy after a fourth.