Monday, May 17, 2010

How to Dress Like a Stunner This Summer

Photos: H&M Fashion against AIDS

I love this H&M campaign, because it really inspired me for my summer gear. I can't wait to visit the one in NY and come home with some goodies. Anyway, it inspired me to write a blog (which I needed, I have been in a writing rut since finals started).

So, just a couple of summer fashion tips, from me. I am not the word on fashion, of course, but this is what I've got in mind for summer...

How to: Dress Like a Stunner This Summer
For women:
Play with shapes -- Don't get stuck wearing the typical jean short / tee or tank combo everyday. Mix it up once in a while with a romper, or a maxi. There's just such a variety of clothing out there, it'd suck to get stuck cycling the same outfits this summer. Pleated shorts, woven leather belts, wedge sandals, sling-back clogs, studded whatever, I say yes to all of them.

Clothing from EXECUTRIX

Bold patterns -- A way to add interest to any outfit is just with a great pattern. Right now, abstract patterns are quite in, so it's time to hit the thrift stores and look for some seriously great 80s prints - animal included.

Accessorize -- During summer it's harder to vamp up outfits with layers like in the winter. Scarves feel heavy and sweaty, beanies make your hair matted and gross, cardigans, coats, gloves, forget about it. So, an easy way to add pizazz to a simple ensemble is by added some accessories: sunglasses, bangles, long necklaces, rings. You won't feel stifled, heat-wise or creatively.

Hat it up -- Just top an outfit off with a wide brimmed straw hat to protect your skin and seriously pump up your look. I just got the perfect hot pink one at Buffalo Exchange. TRUST ME, it's awesome.

For men:
Play with fabrics -- A nice denim or chambray top wouldn't be too heavy and look great compared to the everyman's T-shirt.

Roll it up -- It's hot, so roll up those sleeves or those jeans, and you'll automatically feel less hot, but also you'll look like you are intentionally making a statement.

Accessorize -- Some good sunglasses are a nice year-round investment. Also, though, men seem less apt to wear jewelry. I would encourage you to... of course going overboard can look pretentious, so maybe just an addition here or there would be nice. ViaChrista makes great pieces that can be worn by men and ladies alike.

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