Tuesday, April 6, 2010

This weekend

It has been a while since I posted about events! And I know that is the primary reason most of my readers even visit my blog; it's definitely not for my overuse of exclamation points and pseudo-witty banter.

So, I thought I would start off by telling you I am going to start trying to make this blog a little more organized... as with the rest of my life. So, that means less flier dropping, more informative posts, more specific events of interest.

@ Creekside / 10 PM Free
with King Louie and Orion
Though Creekside is no longer the "go-to" bar, I still find Friday nights when Orion and Luis are DJing pretty enjoyable. The drinks are super cheap and the music is good. Every 2nd Friday of the month, remember A Bailar Cabrones is still a good option -- though I know many of you like Barbarella Fridays.

@ UT Main Mall / 7 PM Free
Girl Talk plays 40 Acres Fest
Man UT never fails to amaze me with the kind of acts they get, and put on for free, each year. Last year, I believe it was Clap Your Hands Say Yeah. This year, they have upped their game. Though GT has definitely fallen a bit in popularity since say 2007, I can predict it will still be a fun show to go to... and very crowded with college kids.

@ The Highball / 12 PM - 2 AM Free with RSVP
with cover bands, free drinks
I have yet to even step a foot into the Highball, though I hear it's real great. Maybe, Saturday will be my first time. With all of those event sponsors, does that mean we will be getting some free noms as well?

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mai said...

tons going on this weekend!
Yeasayer? I don't think it's sold out now that it's been moved to LZR
There's LXM512 which has LAX, Bright Light Social Hour, Carolina Liar. It's more of a lacrosse event but it's a new, interesting event.