Friday, January 29, 2010


This is definitely worth going to... let me preface the event by saying that Bleach Online (as you guys ought to know a local online publication that I have been working for) is going to be giving the public a sneak preview of their upcoming issue "Hello 1992," which I will be guest editor for. I personally know there will be a lot of good-looking photo spreads and thought-provoking interviews. Check out the last issue, "Cannibalism," to get a feel of what Bleach Online is all about. If you don't already have Bleach Online Drop on your blog roll / Reader, you should add it -- there are updates on events, issues, past artists.

The White White Lights, Photo: Daniel Perlaky

Other than Hello 1992, there will be live sets by bands, including The White White Lights, who will be premiering songs from their unreleased album. DJs will also be spinning. An added bonus, after-hours the Independent will be BYOB or BYOL. I am pretty exciting about going to this one after the clothing swap put on by miss Tolly and Sarah Dean. That one ends at 10, so you've got plenty of time to go to both.

Lemme reiterate:

See you Saturday !

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