Wednesday, January 27, 2010

rock and swap .

I am sure you all know about the larger scale clothing swap party being thrown by Magnolia Family Vintage and Austin Eavesdropper. Hopefully you also knew that I am donating some of my own clothing to the mix. I may not even take any clothes though, considering I have no room for what clothing I own currently (a lot). All you need to attend this event is to bring 10 items of your own clothing.

I was excited to read that MFV and Laced With Romance were going to have pop-up shops at the location as well. Check out Miss Sarah Dean (MFV) on her blog The Year of Living Thriftily. Here are some of my Laced with Romance favorites -- in her Ebay store now.

(First model is my seriously hott boss. Can you imagine working for such a babe?)

Love Laced With Romance.
Seriously, where does she find this stuff? I want to go to there.
I will bring some decent stuff, I swear.

*Other clothing donations will be provided by Esti Choi of Buy Definition and Indiana Adams of Adored Austin. Make sure you read Sarah Dean's list of clothing swap do's and don'ts.

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