Monday, October 26, 2009

Sex and Death: Interview with John Gomi

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Hello there, I am presenting to you today a little bit of further insight on the $EX & DEATH Gallery now being featured at the Fifth Gallery (305 E. 5th). Thus, I conducted an interview with gallery owner, DJ, artist extraordinaire John Gomi to figure out the meaning behind the gallery.

Photo by John Gomi

What is the idea behind Sex and Death?
To explore a group of artists' interpretations of $EX (sic), DEATH & the taboo. $ex is spelled with a dollar sign as signifier of the parallels of how money corrupts & rules in the end.

What is the connection between sex and death?
As Fifth Gallery Artist Rick Osborne said, "the two most important aspects of life." Also, both are forms of release either through orgasm, or the freeing of the spirit from physical earthly bonds.

An incomplete list of featured Sex and Death artists:
Jeremy Burke
The Death Head
Failure One
Alonzo Rey
John Gomi ,,
Kevin Munoz
Ezra Haidet
Kevin Nemo
Skye Ashbrook
Marc Zuazua

You can still check out all of these artists at the gallery till Nov 13.

What kind of message are you trying to put out there with this gallery?
Gallery by definition is merely a vessel for they artists they represent. What we try & do is create a voice for artists that typically don't have one in the current Austin, Tx version of a gallery system. We represent various forms of contemporary urban art, & what is typically defined as "Outsider Art"
The message is that matters is written directly under our 5th Gallery Logo on our window, "ALL OTHER GALLERIES SUCK!"

For the future, what else is in store for Fifth Gallery?
Marc Zuazua, my gallery partner, & I hope to continue to on the path that we've laid out for ourselves: to expand & and grow the business in a way that maintains it's credibility within the community of artists from which we respectively we're & are apart of, but at the same time building the Fifth into functioning & fruitful business.

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