Saturday, October 24, 2009

City Wide Garage Sale

Today is the City-Wide Garage Sale at the Palmer Events Center.

Austin City-Wide Garage Sale -- TODAY!

Today, October 24th 10am-5pm
Tomorrow, October 25th 11am-5pm

Regular Admission - $5

This Weekend:

Mid-Century Modern Furniture
Cool Furnishings for Mad Men
Booth #'s 1 & 124

Bird Cages - Live Parakeets
Need a Canary for your Coal Mine? Booth # 117

Sandy Schor - Jewelry, Beads, Watches
DIY Beaded Jewelry, Vintage Watches
with a Huge(!) selection - Six Booths # 506

Vintage Fisher Price Toys
1950's - 1970's - re-live your childhood
Booth # 504

I desperately wish I could go. However, I am working all weekend. Go for me and buy me things.

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