Tuesday, September 15, 2009

French Miami, tonight

Tonight, San Fransisco band French Miami is coming to Mohawk to play a show with Follow that Bird and Serious Tracers. Tickets will be sold at the door, price has not been specified on the Mohawk page, but it is an all ages show.

This is an excerpt I found on French Miami's Myspace, that encapsulates their sound. I am not sure who to attribute the quote to considering they did not attribute it themselves; perhaps they wrote it themselves. Regardless, "French Miami’s raucous live shows use rock music structures to hold together more technical musical ideas. Jagged guitars, pulsing synths, and precise stop-start rhythms launch seductive refrains that have forced the crowd’s feet off the floors in post-punk singalong deliriums from SXSW to CMJ. The first time you catch their live show you might be shocked to discover there’s no bassist as their ménage a guitar-synth takes the low end as far as it can go with the head-nodding precision of a mathematical equation."

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