Monday, August 10, 2009

Feels like Sunday

Maybe because I didn't make it to class, or because I have yet to feel the impending doom of moving, final papers and furniture shopping that comes with the weekdays. Anyway, it's Monday, which means it's Love and a 45 night at Rio Rita. Maybe it means other things, too, but I can't recall. So Country Night at RR is over, but there is now one at Longbranch? I don't know if my information is correct.

Here are some events I am sort of looking forward to in the not-so-immediate future that I thought I should blog about before I forget. May not make it to the latter due to aforementioned moving.


austin said...

hey tiff - are you on twitter? i run the atxhipsters twitter feed and was going to associate your blogs w/ your twitter account but can't find it?

Tiffany Diane said...

I don't have a twitter, haha. I have somehow kept away from getting one for quite some time now, too, that I don't think I ever will.

However, I do keep up with Bleach Online's for them.

austin said...

mucho props! i bet you get the same looks i do when i tell people i still don't have a facebook page lol. thanks for the response and blogs.