Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I have a new obsession

So, I fell in love yesterday. With a restaurant. Which hardly ever happens to me. I am not one to get into food funks with particular places. My sister has always been like that though; she is eternally obsessed with Chipotle and Chik-fil-a. I mean, I love places around town obviously but it's never been this intense. The place - Maki Sushi.

This utopia is off of N. Mopac. Here is their Yelp site (also where I got these photos, I don't bring digital cameras around with me). Anyway you make your own sushi roll, which is fucking amazing. You can pick between the soy or seaweed wrapper, then between a plethora of meats (raw and not) and vegetables - three come free with a meat choice. I got a seaweed wrapped Unagi (eel) with avocado, carrots and tofu skins covered in the Eel Teriyaki sauce. I can't stop thinking about going there again now. I guess that would be overload. I am probably overthinking this because I haven't eaten today.

It's seriously too good to be true.


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Austin Eavesdropper said...

Purdy pictures! Me likey.

Good seeing you the other night love :)