Thursday, July 9, 2009

Busy, busy

So, busy day. Just finished a class / audio slideshow project about Flashback (which I will soon post once it is up), then enjoyed happy hour at Cuba Libre with buddies -- they really do have the best Mojitos in Austin, and had a photoshoot for the Daily Texan. They are running a blogger editorial with myself, Ultra 8201, Austin Eavesdropper, The Year of Living Thriftily, Maggie's Austin and This is Life in Austin. It was really cool meeting everybody and seeing familiar faces. Austin's blogosphere is getting out of control; that's all I've gotta say about that. Anyway, look for our faces on the front cover of the Daily Texan sometime in the middle of next week. Exciting. So,


Spoon is also playing at Stubb's.

Don't know any of those bands, but I know there will be art @ Mohawk.
Not too late to RSVP to Scion's event. Click on the flier.

Edit: Forgot to mention that there will be an after-party for the Parish show at the Music Gym tonight.

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