Monday, June 22, 2009

Stars Aligned

Yes, Lady Gaga and Marilyn Manson making west-side / "WOW" faces. I know I am posting this a little late, and I did read about it when it was a little more fresh but forgot to post. Anyway, this is an interesting little collaboration between the two with Lady Gaga's latest chart-topper "Love Game." It is a bit of a remix, but Manson lends his vocals about halfway through. Have I mentioned how much I love him? I will also admit to loving Lady Gaga, too, though she is kind of more of a guilty pleasure, unlike Manson who I simply worship. What a man. Follow this link to listen to the song on Perez Hilton (a site I admittedly never read).


amber demure said...
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Christopher said...

lady gaga is the head bitch in charge. did you see her at much music? she has fire coming out of her breasts, literally, while screaming and trilling. i think there aren't enough true performers/entertainers out there because everyone is so self-righteous about being indie and just standing on stage playing 2 chords and being boring. the best part is, bitch sings live while doing, basically theater, at the same time.

and manson is a genius. don't listen to him ever but the fact that he created this persona that has become so successful -- it's not much different from what lady gaga did. fame is about making people believe you're larger than life. both manson and gaga are experts at the visual presentations of themselves and their work and they understand that to be successful, people have to immediately associate your aesthetic with the entirety of your creative vision.

sry tiff, didn't mean to write an essay. miss you by the way, it's been days!

Megan L Garza said...

love this. thanks for sharing. i don't read Perez Hilton either so i never would've caught this otherwise. <3

Josh said...

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