Sunday, June 21, 2009

Funsaver Series pt.2

Here's my second batch of photos from this summer. I don't know if anybody has noticed but I did make a little "funsaver" tag for these. That way, people who just want to look at eye candy, AKA my attractive friends and other random images from my adventuring around town, they can just click on that rather than wading through the millions of posts. Well, almost 400 according to the count on my Dashboard. Also, I put up the Search Engine widget, which you can see clearly to the right. That should also make things easier for you. I guess if you wanna find something specific like every entry I ever used the word "fuck" in, you can find it via that search bar. Cool, right?

Included: Second Sunday Sockhop, graduation party, Joel's home!, Barton Springs, Drums of Death afterparty at Barcelona, waiting for Peaches cancelled show at Emo's, creepy 6th St clown


Anonymous said...


my name is leigh and i'm the life and arts editor at the daily texan newspaper at ut. i'm working on a big piece about austin bloggers and would love to sit down and interview you if you'd be interested. would this be possible?


Megalithic Rick said...

"Peaches cancelled show at Emo's" I didnt hear bout that. That really sucks.