Saturday, April 18, 2009


Thus, I'll make a list. A useful list.
I find that making lists of things to do, or just lists in general, help keep me from being overly stressed out or anxious. I make lists for a lot of different things. This one is going to be incredibly discombobulated; I mean, look at the time.

1. I want a ukulele and to learn how to play it.
2. Not sure what to do on Saturday -- rainy days.
3. The art thing was so-so. Played with a Lite Brite.
4. Upcoming: Etsy Austin article.
5. Still need to post those interviews I did over a year ago.
6. 'Satisfaction' - Cat Power.
7. I need a job for the summer, help?
8. I also want a scooter: Honda Metropolitan.
9. Red House Pizzeria sounds so good.
10. That thing at the Dobie theater was so weird; how did that even come into fruition? I'm curious.

1 comment:

Simian Gibbons said...

the lite-brite was definitely the highlight of the evening