Friday, April 17, 2009

Art Happening Tonight

I was perusing my friend Luke's new blog Zinenblogen when I found this:

To refute the typecast of being only a nightlife blogger, I have been trying to post stuff of the 'other' categories. I understand why people would call it that, in fact, but just want to stay away from such a narrowed category.

Anyway, also meanwhile on Luke's blog, I found a friend's not-very new music project, Phone Tag, which I have taken quite a liking to. The newest song -- Dressed to Kill -- is to die for. Also, they do a cute acoustic cover to Passion Pit's 'I've Got Your Number.' I love Passion Pit. (I always have wondered how small bands get their songs sounding so well-mastered. I guess it's an art I will probably never learn.)

I also like the name of their band, Phone Tag, though I hate phone tag. It doesn't happen to me too often, probably because I'm not much of a caller. I don't like to call people unless I have to, or their name is Kristine and I feel like bothering somebody. I love you.


Kristine said...


have you eaten yet? what are you doing? stop the rain, please.

Simian Gibbons said...

fanks for the shout out, ma'am!