Wednesday, April 15, 2009


So apparently, Crystal Castles in Dallas was a fiasco. First, they canceled on Vega -- saying they wanted their friends' band to open for them instead, after I believe they'd already traveled to Dallas. Then, upon playing at the Granada Theater, they blew out the sound and their entire show got canceled that night. Cosmic Karma going on right there.

Poor babies.


Irresponsible Voltron said...

Don't get me wrong...I truely admire this bands music, but they are HORRIBLE LIVE! I have live footage of them at Ultra Fest (which I will post up soon) and Alice Glass does nothing appealing other than sounding as if she was being raped on the Mike. I think I would've enjoyed it more, if Ethan was just DJing. I considered paying the ticket prices just to see Vega live

The Peen Scene said...

they probably looked into a shiny hairless pair of crystal balls and saw that vega will dwarf them musically and in popularity very soon.