Monday, April 6, 2009

Activity v. Inactivity

There's a lot going on this week, and it all starts Tuesday with Ratatat at Stubb's, which I believe is sold out. You can still catch them at Beauty Bar for the after-party though, doing DJ stuff.

Wednesday, though, is the beginning of a string of live music events with pretty colored fliers. Club 1808 on Wednesday, Mohawk on Thursday, Revolution on Friday -- though I'm not familiar with that location myself. Thursday, though, is also the start up of Learning Secrets brand new monthly at Lanai, which I'm excited about because I really like LS parties and want to check that place out. I scootered by it the other day and it looks ritzy.

So, looks like there's a lot to do this week. It all depends on whether or not I actually do it. Either way, you should do it all if you don't have too much work this week.

Much love.

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