Thursday, April 2, 2009


Post No.300

It seems like I am posting at increasing increments of speed these days. 100 took forever, 200 was a blur, 300 took no time. Maybe increments of 100 are no longer important and I shouldn't bother till I'm at 500 or 1,000. Either way, I though I'd utilize this post to talk about a recent discovery of mine.

I know I may be a little late, but I just now realized how much I like The White White Lights, local Austin band. I suppose I'd heard and seen the name many times and dismissed it as 'just another local indie-rock band,' which is probably a fault of mine. It's just that there are too many bands for me to keep up with, and I'm usually not good at discerning good and bad in particular genres that all sound the same to me. It's only when a band really sticks out stylistically that I pay any notice, really.

Anyways, about the White White Lights.
1. They are really cute (and apparently young):

2. They have a female vocalist, and that is something I'm always down with.

3. Just listen to their music on their MYSPACE. I liken the sweet, syrupy voice to two of my favorite actress turned singers: Maggie Gyllenhaal and Zooey Deschanel. I love that kind of voice, very unique.

They have quite a few shows lined up. Monday at the Mohawk with other local bands and next Friday (Apr 10) for the ever-so-elusive ULTRA8201 showcase, which I can't wait to hear more about.

Enjoy your weekends -- I'll be back to post more when I'm less busy.

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Simian Gibbons said...

Jen used to do musical theater at my high school and she is amaaaaazingly talented. I'm glad they're playing at Beauty Bar so much these days.