Friday, March 27, 2009

uLOVEi Coverage

Miguel had his camera on him at all times both nights of the IHEARTCOMIX/Mad Decent parties at the old Salvation Army storefront, which they dubbed Texas Niteclub. Weird. Anyhow, here's the footage he came up with from those parties Friday and Saturday of SX:

MAD DECENT Texas Niteclub from uLOVEi on Vimeo.

Also, looks like they've started up a Flickr account and took some really good quality photos of the nighs as well. Here's that: ULOVEI.

Those were some ridiculous parties. I've gotta say Friday was better than Saturday -- not that I paid enough attention to the acts. Saturday, as I recall, was just a mess. The floor was slippery, everybody was sweaty and too drunk from the entire week of binge drinking (not me of course) and it was just chaos. I suppose to some that means a successful party.

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Tyler said...

what ever happened with switch playing?