Saturday, March 28, 2009


First of all, feast your eyes on this:

I am ready to watch this movie now.


I have finally acquired the back story of the "Flashlight Party" [IE: The one tonight at the Beauty Bar] Thanks to the Austinist, I get it. I actually went to that one at Plush and it was a lot of fun -- no flashlights there. To sum it up, flashlight parties, when created, were meant to recreate the feeling of being in a nightclub without being in a nightclub, for nerds. So, out of love for irony, these Flashlight Parties opted the name from these kids and put the party in a bar, sans flashlights.

That's all.


Orlando said... for the personal story. Did you get a flashlight last night?

Christopher said...

Oh my god I love Spike Jonze so much.