Friday, March 13, 2009


Well look, something All Ages. Also, a really good line up. It's pretty much during the very start of the musical festivities, too. So, it looks like if I miss one Pains show, I'll likely catch another - seeing as how they are everywhere. (I won't comment on any other acts out of lack of knowledge or how obvious my statements would be).

Found on Jingles and Jangles.

Also, don't forget that my madness has a little bit of a method. I know I put a crapload of fliers up that are all out of order and of varying importance to you, but you can sort of sort that out for yourself. Just click on the label "SXSW" and you should be able to construct a calendar of your own. OR - just refer to the one on Famousish, which is well-organized and genius and not-lazy.


The Peen Scene said...

You and Fern are both brave/fucking good! I have chosen the ostrich(head in the sand) approach to sxsw. We will however be taking TONS of pictures!

StephanieAnn said...

hey do you still have time to help me make a new banner? also i miss you!

DISQO DISCO... said...

hey tiffany, finally found your blog a few days ago, looks really good! thanks for posting that mix last month, too.

i'll be in austin on thursday, maybe wednesday. we should meet up at some point!

Kristina Marie said...

yeeah the pains are officially playing 13 shows. crazzzy.

and I'm not sure if you need my help finding blogs or shows. haha even with my show spreadsheet. im probably going to go to this..maybe. i bet it will be croooowded though compared to a couple other free shows.