Saturday, March 14, 2009


Oops, didn't mean to neglect the blogger, but I did. It's too late to tell you how cool I thought the Amoda Laptop Battle would've been. Ian said something about how they covered the entire backyard of Mohawk with a tent to keep cover from the rain Friday night? Seems like it would've been quite a spectacle. How'd that go? Anyone brave the rain to go out?

Oh, I also bet Thursday night was a riot. Actually I heard it was. So many good things were going on.

Tonight may be a different story. Just a couple things I picked up from the interwebs. I don't know what I'd go to if I were in town at the moment, but they all sound like viable options. Maybe the last one. The middle frightens me a little, but I'm sure that's just me reading too much into the flier.

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