Tuesday, March 31, 2009


In watching a DVD of Björk music videos that the Shangri La so ingeniously put on, I remembered how much I absolutely love her videos -- most of the time. Anyhow, in looking for the "It's oh so quiet" video, I found that the director of the up-coming Where the Wild Things Are movie, Spike Jonze, also made one of my favorite Björk videos (besides the one of her explaining the inner-workings of a television set).

Such a strange, adorable woman.

On a different note, this is something Amber D. sent me. Very random event, I'd say, to be held at Homeslice (S. Congress). Check it out anyways, it's going on now and I suppose till a bit later tonight.

Also, if you check my blog regularly, semi-regularly or even more than just one time, you'll notice I changed my banner image. I don't know, I was getting sick of the other one. I have plans for a different one but am lazy now, so this one is just filler till I whip up a new one. Like: yes or no?

Enjoy your Tuesday night.


Christopher said...

Tiffany, you realize I have about 5 of Bjork's DVDs including the one with all of her videos? You can borrow them. I like the new banner.

Tiffany Diane said...

OMG, YES I am down to steal those from you. Wait, which Chris is this, I have two in my life. Chris J or Chris C?

I wanna guess J.

Christopher said...

J is correct. I definitely have been obsessed with bjork since I was 14.