Monday, March 23, 2009


Apparently, Franki Chan decided to linger around Austin some more post-SxSW. According to a mass text message I got, he will be DJing tonight at Barcelona (209 6th St.) along with Toxic Avenger, Nadastrom, Tittsworth, Flufftronix, and more - and, it's free. I think I'm going to kick it in 45 minutes, as in go to sleep, so I won't be there, but maybe this time will be as crazy as the last time Franki Chan randomly decided to throw a Monday night party at the Black and Tan - which I also did not attend.

Because I don't feel like posting what I was originally going to post, here is a video of Casiokids, who I mentioned I saw at Red House Pizzeria. I hadn't realized they were not singing in English till I googled them. For Your Time:

I also feel it's necessary for me to actually recap what I did go to on my lists of events. I have a couple regrets from South by (missing out on stuff, going to certain things, etc.) but really I don't, because it really isn't a big deal and the week was just fine.

-The Decider Party at Mohawk
-Purevolume House
-After-party at Black and Tan
-AA Flea Market
-Red House Pizzeria Day Shows
-Wasted time in lines (EG: Fool's Gold)
-Lose Control @ Canvas
-Burleson Warehouse Party
-IHEARTCOMIX @ Salvation Army
-Mess with Texas @ Waterloo Park
-Perez Hilton Party
-Starseed's foodfest

I didn't really do that much, hmm, which kind of refutes the belief that I am all over the place. Maybe I'm the only one who thought that. Also, the highlight of my SX was definitely just hanging out at the Red House, sipping on margaritas and listening to music, rather than the craziness that usually ensued after-hours, or the loud club parties during the day, or the ACL-esque outdoor music festivals. More of those next year, please.


Trash Can Age said...

I'm glad to see someone else felt the same way! I hung out at Spider House on Saturday, and it was far more enjoyable than any of the late night parties we waited in line for.

More relaxing shows would be amazing. And less lines.

Michael said...

AWWWWW....nice comment about The Red House. The vibe was lovely there all week. Next year we hope to have some "campers" for the week and maybe even a bigger patio. All of our bills this year were pretty top notch I must say. Also, if you like, you can for the time being check out our little microsite and listen to the bands you missed.

Thanks again!!