Monday, March 23, 2009

The end of days

Today has consisted of scarfing down pizza, taking a two hour nap, eating Chinese with a friend on my floor, Facebooking profusely and a lot of lethargy. I've been casually looking for the LastNightsParty photos of my friend, who became Bronques' new muse at Perez Hilton's party Saturday. However all that has emerged is this album, which I have already spotted some friends and acquaintances in:

I had to do some careful censorship, because that's just gross. I'm not a fan of nudity on the internet for attention thing. Not me, no way.

Where are these from?

Kind of glad it's all over, haven't gotten enough sleep lately. Also, letting the body revert back to equilibrium.


The Peen Scene said...

Our's was just on 6th Thursday night.

Angela said...

Your photos look like summink at the Palm Door.. Fools Gold party?