Sunday, March 22, 2009

A list of bands

that I saw during SXSW 2009:
- Ladyhawke
- Au Revoir Simone
- Casiokids
- The Indigo Girls (surprise guest at Perez's party)
- Margaret Cho (who I'm not a fan of)
- Japanther
- Abe Vigoda (ehh)
- Ringo Deathstarr
- Steedlord
- A bunch of IHEARTCOMIX and other DJs I can't recall or I don't care about - no offense, it's just hard to keep up.

So, really not that many. I was aiming to see Passion Pit, Asobi Seksu, The Pains of Being Pure at Heart and Telepathe for sure, and never made it out to any of their millions of shows. My bad.

Casiokids, by the way, are a cute little band. Saw them/heard them for the first time at Red House Pizzeria on Thursday, and everybody loved them.

How did everyone else's week go?


Miguel said...

craziest week eva!

James said...

I saw Telepathe @ the Sparkles party and let me just say you didn't miss anything. It might have just been the sound system itself, but you couldn't hear the vocals at all, it was very disappointing:( But they had 2 dancers that contacted them from myspace and they were funny, not in a good way. They were out of sync and just bad:)Just fyi.

frances said...

eek passion pit, so cute. :)

Megalithic Rick said...

Asobi Seksu at Filter was amazing. Telepathe@Sparkles wasnt all that bad but it wasn't amazing either. You should've checked out Late of The Pier...great band.

Michael said...

Alright....the first person on the web I've seen that said they "found a band at the Red House". This is Michael from Music For Listeners. Glad someone found great music through our little parties, and yes Casiokids are awesome!!!