Thursday, February 26, 2009


I still don't get it and I've been to them. Is it just a normal party? Do people even bring flashlights?

flashlight party 2 from NICE LIKE THAT on Vimeo.


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The Peen Scene said...

haha, here's my struggle from yesterday. lots of people saying they need flashlights, then someone tells me that its just the name and nobody brings flashlights, then I ask markus on facebook...he says no you don't need one and to help him post it on myspace, I posted a bulletin linking to my updated blog, the blog said "no flashlights necessary", theeeen i read markus' bulletin it says "BRING YER FLASHLIGHTS, really!" or something....! so i'm like wtffffff! haha, i ruuush back to my blog and change it to what is on there now about bringing flashlights....well we were there until like 1am...we saw no flashlights...AHHH! haha. i hate ranting!