Monday, October 6, 2008

Treasure Thrift + Fresh Pictures

Okay, if there is anything I am sure about going to this weekend: it is this!
I love thrifting, I love vintage, I love reconstructing clothing, I love fashion, so this is going to be a great event to go to. Here's the website for the show and the store. Check it out for yourself.

Photos from my after-birthday party are up on now. Go see the rest, and of course, go look at the Cave Party pictures, CSS ACL party pictures, and the Hot Chip party pictures.
Here are some jems:

Hahahahaha, great incriminating photos Shane.

&Don't forget Sounds Fun tomorrow night!

Doneski and Richard Gear are great guys/DJs


modern citizen said...

thanks trish!

modern citizen said...

haha im sorry man i was sleepy. i know your not fucking trish..i dont know why i said that.