Sunday, October 5, 2008

A Cause De Garcons

I know Famousish just posted the same information, but in case you are totally out of the loop and reading my blog and not theirs, here is the flier for Yelle this Wednesday. I just ordered my ticket online! You can, too, on the Mohawk webpage: RIGHTHERE!

Who knows, this may sell out like Presets did (but clearly not as early) so you snooze, you lose. Enjoy your Wednesday night like it's a Friday.


Jenny H. said...

you have a reallyyy cool blog!
im glad that your birthday party went so well!

Wendy said...

Hey Tiffany,

Sorry for not responding! I've been a bit busy lately. But I'd love to do your survey (?). Just send me the questions!

EliteSuburbanites said...

I wanna side ponytail... :(

That Austin Girl said...

FUN!! I love this girl. And I don't even understand what she's saying! Don't matta!

I saw this post on The Famousish too but I'm glad I found your blog, I like very much.

That Austin Girl said...

Tiffany!!! It was fun to meet you last night! I hope we get to see each other again out and about soon. :) Your friend Christine is adorable / sweet.