Sunday, October 19, 2008

TingTings Tonight!

Got this from Miguel's site:

If you can, don't miss this. I know I am going to be holed away all day making up for this weekend -- which was ridiculous by the way.

Michael from DD and I didn't end up going thrifting, but I did go with friends and it was amazing. I'll discuss this later. I met Michael, again, last night and he was an awesome guy. I got a free steroid tank, which you can buy on their Myspace (

I'll post photos of mine later/when it's bleached clean. The party was crazy, and the after-party debacle was ridiculous (sorry to anyone caught in that mess) but it all worked out in the end -- I'd like to think.

Black and Tan was great this whole weekend from Thursday's HomeWerk party to Designer Drugs.

PS. Remember if you found some keys last night, let me know!


That Austin Girl said...

hey girl! no designer drugs for me - i was in california this weekend visiting some old friends. :) also ridiculous and wonderful, and when i heard cambria last night, i thought of you and your blog!!

speaking of running into each other - i am STILL looking for someone to join me on tuesdays to see richard gear at black & tan! are you going this week?

EliteSuburbanites said...

RiCHARD is in NY for two weeks, markus with a K will be hosting it this week and will also be joining us at homewerk on thursday... also thanks for coming out to all the shows this weekend T I'll try to pick you out next time I see you up there!

That Austin Girl said...

Good info, elitesuburbanites!

Anonymous said...

what a great time it was thrifting
i got an amazing leather members only

you got amazing tiffish stuff

but we barely scratched the surface...

yes it gets better!

b the beat