Monday, October 20, 2008

New Kids on the Block

I don't know if you have discovered this site, yet, or rather checked The Famousish lately, but Learning Secrets has joined the blogosphere and I found a pleasant little surprise waiting for me.

Go check out the blog! Coming up are two parties that I'll probably remind you of later.

Oct25- The Fixed 4 Year Anniversary Freak Out with Tiga, WhoMadeWho, Ian Orth, etc. at Studio B.
Nov1- Learning Secrets Classic Edition at Beauty Bar.

Hope I have a chance to check at least one of these out, considering I'm going to Dallas next weekend.


u L O V E i

I have already posted some of Miguel's videos in previous posts to show you a taste of Austin, but if you go to his site, he has so much more to show on his site: photos, videos, art, blogs. You probably see a lot of him around town, carrying his camera.

He also posted my link on his Links List!

I love bloglove.


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