Friday, October 10, 2008


Obviously don't forget about the Treasure City Thrift Recycled Fashion Show, which starts at 7 sharp. I can't miss this one! Maybe I'll make-believe it's New York Fashion Week and come in a mink and sigh and sit in the front row and envy the models.

Last Milk ever? Or just last one with Abominatron?
Either one, MILK is always fun.

I'm sure anybody would love to see Benny Benassi. I don't know about the location or the price though. I hear it's $20, I'm sure VIP is worse.

Or if you fancy a gay bar, go to Cockpit and see Mitchell.

Also worthy of note: Luke (Simian Gibbons) and Blake Brandon are playing at Troubador [503 E 6th St.] - starting up a new thing - tonight. It's free but 21+. Two good DJs and really nice guys, so you should give it a shot.

Anyone who remembers the parties last year at 17th and Salinas probably remembers they were always a lot of fun, or even if you don't remember them - they were still a lot of fun. Well, apparently now they've moved to a new location (2002 E. 16th) and will be throwing a house party on Saturday. It's a birthday party, so be nice. I'm always down for a good house party.

Let's see if I can scour anything else up for club-goers later.
Au Revoir, Tiffany.


EliteSuburbanites said...

Don't miss Milk7 its probably your last chance to see Abominatron for a while, he and Richard Gear threw down at HomeWerk last night and it was F'ing awesome.

EliteSuburbanites said...

What? @ Black and Tan will be goin down on saturday - DLRD YAYYAY ORION & T-Vil