Tuesday, September 23, 2008


So, everyone already knows about the cave party. (Which by the way, Famousish just posted saying we meet at 10:30 sharp at Alamo on South Lamar)

I'm not sure if it's sold out yet, but for those who are not going or couldn't get tickets, here's an alternative. I keep walking by this flier and it reminds me ACL is this weekend and all the parties that will come along with it.

Now THIS looks really cool. Live music, DJs, Bleach Magazine, probably a bit better than your usual Beauty Bar event.

Also, tonight is Sounds Fun at Black&Tan, with Abominitron

I absolutely love the flier.

Maybe I'll be able to go out tonight, if I'm lucky.


EliteSuburbanites said...

Abominatron will be back @ black and tan on saturday for Sound Junkies...I'll understand if you don't wanna post the flier as it does say 'ho' on it... which has be the topic of more than one thread... anyway....yeah... its a sexy costume party...no one's calling anyone a ho....ok I'm done sry, I rant sometimes.....

Kristin said...

Yo austin is burning, i like your blog, good stuff...I'm with Do512 and we like working with blogs around town. can i bother you to shoot me an email to talk more? kristin@do512.com....hope to hear from you!