Wednesday, September 17, 2008

360° Turn Around

My day/week has definitely been brightened.

I just came to the attention that I've got a friend in, who secretly paid for my site to own the URL Sweet, it's like a real website now. Go to their site, they have some sweet tunes up to jam to and announced some shows I haven't heard of yet but sound like fun.

Also, the other day my invite to the boat party came via e-mail and I am taking my sister. I imagine this boat party to be like the movie The Cat's Meow, which means I'm going to go all out and dress like Marion Davies (Kirsten Dunst) in the movie.

This should be the de facto theme and we can all pretend to be 1920s high society.

Also, my birthday is coming in about 2 weeks and 1/2 and party plans are definitely in the making. Just you wait.

P.S. My friend Will will be spinning at this RVCA event in Austin. It's at Mellow Johnny's, should be cool.

[Click for a better view.]


RiCHARD.GEAR said...

HI to you too! cool blog, girlie!!!

EliteSuburbanites said...

mucho gras! for the returned blogluv... your domains good for a year but will autorenew after that so drop me an email ( is you want somethin changed or aren't gonna use it anymore :) we'll be spinning at Nina's tomorrow so swing by and say whats up if you get a chance