Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Tummy Toast takes over!

Holy shit, tonight! BB 18+? This never happens, so go!
My cute friend Jordan AKA Tummy Toast is opening for Steed Lord and I think that is impressive so that means you all should think so, too, and go support homegrrrl. Also, it sounds like it'd be fun as shit.


KAMIKHAZ said...

Austin is Burninzzzzzzz!

Yeah I accepted it but I didn't set up the account quite yet. The girl who apparently manages the website somehow found my blog and asked me to give it a shout-out, so I did. When am I and Kristine joining your extravagant blog?

Tiffany Diane said...
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KAMIKHAZ said...

Yeah dude mention it. I love that website. I think quitting Facebook was a good idea, or else I'd be wasting extra time.

Sweet, can't wait to join!