Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Carrie Bradshaw

Well, I didn't even mean to and bought shoes that have adorned one of my fashion idol's feet. I got these babies very recently:

and then saw some on Ebay for like $150, but mine were way cheap.
The shoe was featured in the Sex and the City film multiple times, the most memorable would probably be in her huge flower dress at the opening. (Apparently they are $770 Dior!) They even have "cheaper" ones at Baker's for $70. Mine were $27)

I have a different color of course, but I guess you can't just emulate your icons 100%. I think it is a very nice alternative to the typical gladiator heel, a little bit more stylized and dressy.

Also check out my e-bay auction:

It didn't fit and now I am selling it. 24 HRS LEFT!

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