Sunday, May 18, 2008

DJ Teenage Wolf vs. The Party

Hands up! ft. DJ Teenage Wolf of CulnSweet at the Loft last night was pretty bad ass. Teenage Wolf's style is cool, I pretty much enjoyed his entire set. I wanted to dance a lot more to it, but man Dallas cannot dance. I felt like most of the people there looked like they were at a high school prom or something. I won't hate though, Dallas doesn't have as big of an electronic, disco, hipster scene as ATX. I had fun, regardless. Also, getting in on the "list" for free was pretty sweet, too.
Thanks Central Booking and SOB3R!

I got a million photos taken of me, and a Polaroid. I'll put up the ones that exist so far, and update later with the others.

Photos by Kiddrae:

The rest can be found at: THEPARTYDFW and KIDDRAE

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