Monday, January 30, 2012


I thought I'd pretend like I was some sort of major music blog and tell everyone a few of my favorite new songs (artists and videos) from 2011. I feel like a lot of really great stuff came out last year, or maybe I've just been paying closer attention.

"nothing can change this love" -TASHAKI MIYAKI

This LA band is so shrouded in mystery, which makes me like them even more. I have a chance to interview them soon, very excited. Been loving on all of their covers, including this and "All I have to do is dream," and self-titled EP.

"Don't Go Out Tonight" -IDIOT GLEE

Got a chance to interview James Friley last time he came to Austin to play a show. Haven't been able to stop listening to his music since. Super talented, and if you read his Twitter, all he talks about is food.


From Boise, Idaho, this kid (Trevor Powers) has been getting the most attention out of this top 5 this past year. His debut album is 100% good, which is hard to come by.

"Sweetest Touch" -GROSS MAGIC

Obsessed with all of Teen Jamz, but this song is my favorite. Dig his (Sam McGarrigle) whole vibe.

"Easy" -PURE X

Straight out of Austin, and genius video by Malcolm Elijah.

Bonus guilty pleasure song: "BLUE JEANS" - LANA DEL REY

An addendum:
"Lord Knows Best" -DIRTY BEACHES

2011 felt so long, I didn't realize Dirty Beaches was 2011. Badlands slays me.

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