Sunday, November 13, 2011


So I know Fun Fun Fun Fest was a whole week ago, but I am always pretty late on updates like these, even if I'm excited about them. Unfortunately the simplicity of posting links on Facebook trump the hassles of posting to a blog. I'm lazy to a fault at times.

I did, however, attend Fun Fun Fun Fest last week. It took a lot out of me, but it was a lot of FUN. I was shooting street style photos for Nylon, which you can check out here. But here are a few shots (still great style of course) you may not find there.

Sara Cummings, Hair Stylist at Propaganda
Soz, WTUL New Orleans radio
Me looking and feeling a little haggard on day three of the fest.

Now check out these well-dressed men:
Matt Draper, and Mischka
Jacob Abello, musician
Char Kim, sales associate at Urban Outfitters
Chad Allen, Switched On
Buddy Blake Brandon
Ace San Miguel, Mohawk bartender

Mrs. Tolly also was sweet and shot a photo of me for the Free People blog.

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