Monday, August 22, 2011


It looks like tumblr photos like to expire on you after a while and leave dumb looking blank x boxes. I am choosing to ignore this out of spite and sloth.

Because who doesn't love a babe on a bike?

I was recently asked to model for a new Austin blog Femme Et VĂ©lo by Shari of Charm School Vintage. After a short style session, hair and makeup, 4-5 hours of shooting around town and lbs of sweat, Zach Hunt (on film) and Mike Andrick (on digital) snapped what seemed like a million photos of me and my 1970s Schwinn Breeze. The photos are starting to crawl online, so I thought I'd show off past snaps from the blog.

Here's a sneak peek Shari posted on her blog.

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