Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Recently styled a lookbook for Dog and Pony, a local boutique, for their latest shipment of Motel Rocks. Here it is:

Model: Beth Zimmerman
Photographer: Kathleen Tso
Styled by me

This shoot was so much fun to put together and execute. Everybody can already tell that I am a regular shopper at new boutique Dog and Pony already, but now on top of helping with creative projects like this photo shoot, I am helping curate the vintage selection at the store.

We are going to be vending at the American Icon presents 29th Street Ballroom Yard Sale this Sunday (July 10) 12 - 8 pm. Please come visit! I promise there are some goodies to be found. I'll see you there!


GezaCsath said...

Those pictures are really horrible. Just dreadful. The only 1/2 decent one is the convenience store aisle snap that shows off her height. But even that has a huge Bud Light ad that needs to be photoshopped out.

Kathleen Tso said...

I know, I'm the worst right?